Thursday, October 31, 2013

table top angel painting completed

i'm very happy with how this angel painting turned out! 
this piece measures 40.5" across x 20" tall
it has strong hardware on the back for hanging
i think it would look great on a mantel or above a door

available to purchase HERE

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

work in progress of angel painting

i love to stop and photograph my work along the way. this seemed to be a good place to pause and step back. i'm pretty happy with how its turning out so far too :) it might be difficult to tell but i am painting on half of a round table top. 

i've done this before and i think these make for great paintings to hang above doorways. 
maybe if i work hard i will be able to share the finished piece tomorrow.

nighty, night. 

cat doll

this doll seemed to take me forever to complete but i am so happy with how she turned out!  thankfully, she already sold but i am sad to see her go.
tonight i will be sharing all my work in progress photos with the cloth and clay doll group at the trodden path. if you have been wanting to know how to make cloth and clay art dolls, it is a great beginner's workshop!

also, i just created an art doll portfolio on pinterest showcasing many of my dolls. some date back to 2007! you're welcome to come have a look. they are quite a bunch of characters if i do say so myself!

Monday, October 28, 2013

paper wreaths

i've decided that my first blog post here at my new blog should be about my latest project and what's been on my mind...PAPER WREATHS!
i remember seeing these years back and thinking they were cool but being too busy to figure out how to make them. this year i came across this article showing how to make 88 different wreaths and went straight to the paper ones. i also watched a few videos on youtube and found this one to be quite helpful:

in the end, i kind of mixed and matched the instructions i had read and watched and came up with what you see above. i think they will make great christmas gifts for my friends and family. boxing them up for shipping will be a bit of a chore but i'll figure it out. 

just thought i'd share this stuff in case you want to try one too. some friends and i are getting together in the near future to have a wreath making get together. maybe i'll take photos or make a video if they'll let me :)

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