Monday, October 28, 2013

paper wreaths

i've decided that my first blog post here at my new blog should be about my latest project and what's been on my mind...PAPER WREATHS!
i remember seeing these years back and thinking they were cool but being too busy to figure out how to make them. this year i came across this article showing how to make 88 different wreaths and went straight to the paper ones. i also watched a few videos on youtube and found this one to be quite helpful:

in the end, i kind of mixed and matched the instructions i had read and watched and came up with what you see above. i think they will make great christmas gifts for my friends and family. boxing them up for shipping will be a bit of a chore but i'll figure it out. 

just thought i'd share this stuff in case you want to try one too. some friends and i are getting together in the near future to have a wreath making get together. maybe i'll take photos or make a video if they'll let me :)

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