Thursday, July 31, 2014

that wasn't me

30.5" x 22" mixed media on 300 lb watercolor paper

i put a lot of myself into my work. in a way my paintings are often like a diary. sometimes when i paint two women, they represent the duality of two personalities that are within myself .  other times they represent a sense of sisterhood. 

this painting came to life while having brandi carlile's song "that wasn't me" going through my head over and over and contemplating a recent event in my life. 

comes UNFRAMED...this is just an idea of what it could look like

i strongly suggest that if you go to get this framed or opt to dyi, go with the framing technique called floating. one of my art collectors has that done and when i saw the paintings in person, i was amazed at how great they looked framed like that.

SOLD ~ thank you!

international buyers will be invoiced for additional shipping costs

that you for your interest in my art!

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